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Anahi H., Patagonia: comment of my farm

Mayo 2015: Un abrazo a todos, ha sido una excelente temporada, woofers muy trabajadores.

Jueves, 07 Mayo 2015
guf10: An Amazing, Meaningful Experience at Ayun Mapu

If you have a chance to work at this Wwoofer spot-- take it! I had such an amazing time working at Ayun Mapu and working closely with the beautiful land here. I have been at Ayun Mapu for three weeks, and I wish I could stay three weeks longer!

I worked in the garden as Judyth and Bob's first Wwoofer. It is the end of the summer here in Chile, so I was cleaning out the terraced gardens and preparing the greenhouses for the winter with a special black bottle insulation project. I also got to pick yummy raspberries, harvest cherry tomatoes, and take care of the sheep and chickens while Nelson was in Argentina for a few days. The garden is beautiful and is a lot of fun to work in. Nelson is very kind and easy to work for. If you want to work on your Spanish conversation skills, he's great-- he speaks very clearly and is so patient. I appreciated getting a chance to practice with a Chilean I could actually understand. :)

Judyth and Bob put a lot of care and planning into their property. It's a beautiful, magical spot. They often have different familes and couples coming in and out of the rental cabanas, and all have interesting life experiences to learn from. As a Wwoofer, you are part of a special vision at Ayun Mapu, and this gives the garden work an even deepr meaning. Look forward to working hard but being rewarded by incredible views and a great energy all around the place. 

The beautiful cabin that future volunteers will be staying in was just being finished while I was here, but with the floor varnish so fresh I was not yet able to stay in it-- I got the royal digs in the main house. I promise you, that cabin is AMAZING. It is going to be the perfect little place to stay for what is sure to be an amazing experience at Ayun Mapu. Do not miss out! 

Kate Spencer, Wwoofer at Ayun Mapu, 9th Region 

Lunes, 27 Abril 2015
guf10: Kate Spencer Testimonial

We could not have been happier with Katie. We found each other through our yoga teacher and the timing worked out perfectly. Katie is polite, considerate, helpful, upbeat, a hard worker, and very easy to be around. Our Wwoofer cabin wasn't quite finished, so she stayed with us in our house for three weeks. Katie has lots of knowledge and experience with organic gardening and was willing to help with whatever we needed. She worked hard weeding and cleaning our garden and greenhouses as well as finishing our black bottle greenhouse project. Katie got along great with our caretaker, Nelson. I think "eager" is a good word to describe Katie: eager to help inside and out and eager to do a really good job. It was a plus that Katie loved our animals, practices yoga, and was happy to participate in a number of our activities. Katie was also flexible and adaptable. It was great to share natural, organic food and she was a help in the kitchen preparing meals.  Any Wwoofer site would be very fortunate to have Katie on board!

Judyth Reichenberg Ayün Mapu, Pucón, host farm 9.45, 9th Region

Domingo, 26 Abril 2015
Wanda B: host farm 11.75



Lunes, 20 Abril 2015
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