Northern Chile (Desert. Sunny and nice climate all year)

4.29 IndomitoElqui f
Northern Chile (Desert. Sunny and nice climate all year)

4.29 Indómito Elqui. 

Camino Alcohuaz. Valle de Elqui, Región 4 Coquimbo

1 ha.

Organic by culture             

Garden  and tourism.

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all year

kids: no

We have  a touristic center  in Elqui valley.  We have 4 cabins to guests, natural swiming pool and gardens including  native vegetation.  We are at  end of Elqui valley, in middle of mountain   and at  km. from Pisco Elqui town. Near us there are astronomic observatories, pisco factories, hartishokes, typical towns.  The volunteers will lodge in my house in a nice room with private bathroom.  Kitchen, living room and dinner room shared.  I am always  worried about order and cleaning.   Help expected in cabins cleaning (only when the cabin is leaved), gardens (irrigation, compost,  pruning, etc.), carry the breakfast  to border of river. Ideal a  volunteer with skill to painting  walls.

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