Region 12 Magallanes y Antártica Chilena

12.3 Caleta Maria d
Region 12 Magallanes y Antártica Chilena

12.3 Caleta María. Ivette M. Comuna de Timaukel, Seno del Almirantazgo, Tierra del Fuego. Region 12 de Magallanes.                   400 ha.      Organic by culture.     crops: family garden.   Biological pathway.  Forest.         e-mail:...... ,   mobiles:.....   all year.       kids? : no.      other language we speak: English.

Property located at south of Tierra del Fuego island, reserve of native forests and pathway between big natural parks. There is a small family garden. The weather is cold and windy. We are a couple with a pet. Lodging in a room of family house with bathroom shared. Help expected similar to a park keeper, to care, to walking around, various jobs... To arrive starting in Punta Arenas, more indicatives send by us.

12.4 Estancia Primavera b
Region 12 Magallanes y Antártica Chilena

12.4 Estancia Primavera. Francisco C.   Ruta 9. Region 12 Magallanes y Antártica Chilena
6334 ha.
Organic no certified.
crops: cattle, sheeps, restoration, lenga forest.
e-mail:.....     mobile: .....   months: October to April.
kids: yes.
another laguage we speak: English.

It is a beautiful degraded farm which we want to restore, dress with nice infraestructure for people and animals, good fencing to allow holistic management or Pastoreo Racional Voisin. We need to clean hundreds hectares from dead wood and start to rest fields to recover the natural prairie. We will work with compost tea and microorganism too.
It is a nice opportunity to learn natural sounding management in the far south of the planet. Only camp ground, we can provide bathroom and food within the house. Patagonian people who speak only Spanish. I travel one week every month, I speak English.   I love to do agroecology and restoration, have a lot of knowhow to share. Help expected in animal husbandry, restoration (remove dead wood from the prairies), fix fences, remove old fences. To arrive, take the bus from Punta Arenas toward Puerto Natales.  We need people who loves nature to help to build an example of good ecological management for the area in a beautiful environment. It is very easy to reach Puerto Natales on the weekends and go to Torres del Paine National Park before or after the volunteering.

Region 12 Magallanes y Antártica Chilena

12.6 Agroturismo Estancia Mercedes. .

Peninsula Antonio Varas, Puerto Natales, Region 12 Magallanes y Antártica Chilena. Patagonia

13.000 ha.

Organic no certified 

crops:   vegetables. Prairies and sheeps.

e-mail:  phone:    mobileall year   kids: no

another language we speak: English

We are a family of 5, parents and 3 brothers, all professionals. There are many dogs, cats, horses, sheep and cows. It helps the entire expected from working the organic garden, firewood, fishing, building, guided horseback riding and trekking, surround, make food, share, local crafts. Homestays in house with shared bathroom availability for 2 people, living with 3 people more.  Our vision is to "Deliver sensitizing experience, causing connection with Nature, spirit and environment, providing a unique and unforgettable experience for each visitor and to position ourselves as one of the most innovative companies in sustainable rural tourism management at national level and international ". Our mission is "To provide our services in a familiar, personalized and human environment, adapting to the needs of every visitor, offering quality, safety and reliability making convey the spirit of the pioneers of Patagonia, the way they live in the wild in pristine condition respecting the cultural heritage and environmental. " CURRENT COMMITMENTS: We protect and promote respect for local and ancestral culture of our land. We developed the system biointensive in our garden organically, walking each day towards self-sufficiency. We use windmills to produce and save energy in our facilities. Water conservation and saving this through various initiatives implemented in our daily operation. We incorporate local suppliers to supply the farm.”   Dare to live like the early pioneers of this land!

12.2 Shangrila b
Region 12 Magallanes y Antártica Chilena

12.2  Estancia Shangri La, Tierra del Fuego island,  Region 12 de Magallanes. 10.000 ha. Organic  no certified Sheeps e-mail :                         mobiles:   September  to April kids: no This is a estancia (big patagonic farm) of  10.000 hectares   located at  northern  of  Tierra del Fuego,  and front of  Estrecho de Magallanes.   The basic work is rodeos and harnesses for the brand sheep, shearing, baths, sale and others, them are  done on horseback with dogs, quad, motorcycle and 4x4. Another important activity is the maintenance of fences, houses, facilities and vehicles. Volunteers must have the ability to cook, make bread and clean the kitchen and rooms .Preferentemente men will be accepted by the type of work and living conditions of workers in the house. Any  additional information please request when communicating his intention to go to stay. The minimum period of retention of volunteers is three weeks. The stay is located 70 kilometers from Cerro Sombrero  town. There ENAP vehicles that travel every day, we also have own transportation. To reach Cerro Sombrero from Punta Arenas there is a daily bus. Volunteers are received between the months of September to April, subject to availability.
12.8 Estancia bahia a
Region 12 Magallanes y Antártica Chilena

12.8 Estancia Bahía Esperanza. 2018 Puerto Natales, Region 12 Magallanes y Antartica Chilena. Patagonia. 2.200 ha. crops: large and small livestock, orchard. Tourism. e-mails:           mobile - wsp:  months: September to May kids:no another language ​we speak: English We are 10 minutes from Puerto Natales by boat. We are dedicated to the breeding of cattle, horses, sheep and chickens, in addition to the greenhouse. We want to build organic gardens with seeds from the area, to have our self-supply for the people who visit the ranch. Here there is the possibility of horseback riding, bicycle rides, trekking and country live. We are surrounded by a wonderful landscape and we have incredible views. We have a house where we can receive up to 3 volunteers. We offer tasty food, hot shower, 1 day off (the one you need). We expect help in tourism, animals, excursions, customer service, greenhouse construction, arrangements in the ranch, respect and good treatment of people, animals and the environment, enthusiasm and good vibres, 5 hours a day for at least two weeks. Everything we do is related to the outdoors.
12.7 Los Cerritos a
Region 12 Magallanes y Antártica Chilena

12.7 Estancia Los Cerritos.  2018     Puerto Natales, Región 12 Magallanes, Patagonia // 2.000 ha Organic no certified crops: cattle and sheep raising. Garden e-mail:            mobiles/wsp:  all year          kids: yes another language we speak: English  We are a family of 5 members, administrator and agronomist, veterinary, two children and our dog. We are  south of Puerto Natales. We live in a  ranch with cattle and sheep, surrounded by incredible landscapes and nature at its best, with native forest, meadows and peat bogs. Also an orchard, chickens, composting and vermicomposting. We expect help with chickens, dogs and horses, garden, firewood, maintenance and arrangement of houses, fences, various facilities, garden, etc. Accommodation in a container adapted as a cabin, for two people with bathroom, kitchen and dining room, we  provide the food. You arrive by public bus from Punta Arenas. Torres del Paine is 190 km. from the farm, which means approximately 2 hours of  bus trip from Puerto Natales.
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