R.M. - Region Metropolitana

R.M. - Region Metropolitana

0.3 Roberto Trincado, Ruta 68 Santiago-Valparaiso, Curacaví, RM

Organic non comercial, non certified

250 ha.

crops: non irrigated praires, extensive cattle breeder, fruits.

mobile: e-mail:

all year kids: yes

A quiet farm located in the folklorical valley of Curacaví, 50 km. West Santiago and 60 km. East of Viña del Mar. His ecology is esclerofital forestry of Coast Mountains. The farm is near of mountains and pendents with wonderfull and clean scenaries, spring water and native fauna. Wwoofer will can help by himself-herselve upon objectives planning in common and near his own interest and skills. Transportation is good. Lodging is in independient house. A lot of social interaction is not assured. Welcome

R.M. - Region Metropolitana

0.14  Rodrigo Gonzalez. Parcela. Carmen Bajo Melipilla, Región Metropolitana

5 ha.                   organic certificate

e-mail :   phones : 

months: all  year less  February                kids : no

another language we speak: English 

Farm available to all  crops, plane,  high fertility and  with a lot of wáter.  There are some buildings like storage,  cold camera .  Located  at  7  km.  from Melipilla city, in Los Molles  road,   with public transportation  all  year.  I am  an  alone people with four dogs, and  I may to  receive untill 2 wwoofers at  time in house.   Help wanted are  in farm  jobs, like planting, harvest, nursery, weed picking,  and  sales in shops and feria.

R.M. - Region Metropolitana

0.15 Centro de Acopio.   El Monte, RM.

Organic  in transition            11 ha.

crops:  oranges, orchard, hens

e-mail:           mobile:

months: all year                  kids : no

We are in the confluence of   Maipo and   Mapocho rivers,  in Maipo valley,  50 km.  south-west from Santiago.   We are a little  new  brand  enterprise, joining in organic   and hardly  in  hens. We are 2 people more 2 workers.  Also our 3 dogs and  another neighbor  ones.   Lodging may be in tent or house, to agree.   We hope help in organic orchard,  pick weeds, harvest and irrigation.    To arrive,  calling by phone  to be picked up, but  from Santiago you must to take  a minibus   from Santiago,  af  the    Estación Central  terminal (metro Estación Central)  going off  before  Mapocho river  bridge. 

R.M. - Region Metropolitana

0.22 Vivero El Monte, RM

Organic  no certified              7 ha.

crops:  vegetables, greenhouse, palm trees

e-mails            web:       mobile :

months:  March to December              kids: yes­

another language we speak: English 

Our house is a old one built with adobe (clay and straw)  and surrounded  by  5 ha. of palm trees.  We are two professional women, one Agricultural Engineer encharged  of the nursery.   We have a horse, a donkey, sheeps, hens, cats and dogs.   Lodging is in a room with two  beds in cabin and bathroom.  Labours required are  construction  with organic and  recycled  inputs,   roof of  bamboo and palm leaves,  greenhouse, ornamentals  and  organic garden.  To arrive from Santiago,  in Estacion Central bus terminal,   to take a minibus to  El Monte,  get off  in   plaza of  El Monte and to take a taxi to the farm  Looking in  our web   the indications.

R.M. - Region Metropolitana

0.16  Bárbara Canto Providencia, Santiago

This is not a farm, it is a  little  shoes industry with natural  inputs

e-mails:     phones:      www.

all year                     kids : no

another language we speak: German

This is a familiar artistic space  where we  look for creative people with ideas to develop art projects in  time.  Shoes use recycled  materials like cloth, wood, textile, mixed and others. For us, nice wwoofer is someone who has definitive  projects and studies or experience in the area. We  work  with  noble ecological materials searching in friendly places of nature. We share our house with our loving family and our newborn son Benjamin.  We are a special case of wwoofing , we are not a farm, rather a small example of what now functions under the label Kukunst. Some of work is at www. The house is located in a nice neighborhood of  orient side of Santiago, with Access at  metro, public bus and  lot of city places. 

R.M. - Region Metropolitana

0.17 Hostal Camino al Volcan,  San Alfonso,  Cajón del Maipo, Region Metropolitana

1 ha.                   Organic no certified

crops:  fruit trees, nut trees, greenhouse

e-mail:    web:     phones: 

all year                              kids: no

another language we speak:  English and  French

We are a family with  teenagers, we have dogs, cats and hens. There are  a hotel, restaurant and farm. The place is very nice, with tourists and several activities out-door, availables to  perform on their free hours. The food is good and   people friendly, eager to share knowledge and work. Hosting can be two  ones at the Inn and on in occasions  in   house. Work required on the farm, greenhouse, harvesting, pruning, fixing, painting, building, fixing,  by making more organic gardens, drying and other products with fruit.  Or in the Inn restaurant in what know do. To  arrive, take metro L4 get off at station Las Mercedes and there take the bus 72 Cajon del Maipo towards San Alfonso, downloaded  after the plaza  of  San  Alfonso.

R.M. - Region Metropolitana

0.20  Centro Tecnologico. Buin.  Panamericana Sur,      Región Metropolitana

Organic no certified              1,8 ha.

crops:  a lot of fruits and vegetables 

e-mail :       phone :

all year                  kids: no

We are located south of Santiago  in  Panamericana  sur  way.   We are a ecological  agriculture  demostrative center.  We offer  Seminaries and courses  for  growers and poor people.   Also, we are a practice place  of agriculture  and ecologic thecnician  to students.  Lodging  is  in  small apartments availables from end of 2013. Here work  an administrative,  agronomist and field workers.  We hope help in making   compost  and  humus,   greenhouse,  nurserie, seed collect,  seminars,  organization,  sowings, solar panels,  and other  jobs  of farm.

R.M. - Region Metropolitana

0.25  El Molino de Curacavi.  Paula  Muñoz G.   2013      Curacaví,  Region Metropolitana  1,2 ha. Organic no certified crops:  vegetables, herbs, farm animals. e-mail :               mobile/wsp:                              all year kids: yes another language spoken: English We are Paula (mam) and with 2 kids and a little piece of land in Curacavi, town between  Santiago and Valparaiso.  Now we're growing native forest inside (chilean acacias, quillay, peumos) with some orchards through natural planting. We eat meat but we don't have problems with vegetarian people. We have a windmill to water the land,  a greenhouse for seedlings, organic gardens, a native seeds bank, circular crops under  acacias, compost,  friendly horses (as our dogs but XXL) and chicken and ducks.   We have a natural pool for summer using kinds of reeds to clean the water (no chlorine or chemical stuffs). We don't have phone or internet but through our own phone we can share internet. In the town (at 7 km.) we have hospital, bank, supermarket, etc.  Accommodation is in a room of our humble cabin. (in stateroom and/on mattresses). Helps required in sowings, prepare seedbeds, cleaned the henhouse, manage compost, prepare irrigation for plants, maintenance of irrigation system, pruning trees, etc.  We have recieved a lot of wwoofers from France, USA, Germany, Canada, Austria; with and without kids. We prefer speak Spanish.
R.M. - Region Metropolitana

0.26  El Cultivo.  Bud T.  Colonia Kennedy, Paine, Región Metropolitana

1,3 ha.             Organic in transition (2013)

e-mail:        phones:c

rops:  lucerne, tomatoes, fruit trees

months: October to March                 kids: yes

another language we speak: English

Beauty farm  located  at 40 minutes to south of Santiago by Panamericana Sur, exit  Champa,  or exit Hospital/Aculeo also   We  have well availability to a couple, in  a new cabin with   bedroom, €œamerican€ kitchen and bathroom. The owner lives in Santiago, and  a partner lives inside farm. We have a dog. Help required in irrigation,  picking weeds, harvesting and another ones.

R.M. - Region Metropolitana

0.33 Jaime Z Cóndores del Maipo. El Canelo, San José de Maipo, Region Metropolitana

3 ha.                       Organic by culture

e-mail :                  mobile :

months November to March                    kids: no

another language we speak: German

Mountain place with a singular recycled dome, located at 1.200 meters high sea level in Andes mountains, but near of Santiago, in San José de Maipo valley. We have a touristic and horses project to visit the mountains. There is a dome with rest room and bathroom to volunteers. Help hoped in horses, their care and exercises, construction and ground jobs. We practice Permaculture and sustainable tourism where the volunteer will can help and add. We are only to 40 minutes of Santiago, but to arrive it is neccesary to use hard locomotion or horse. To arrive us, it must to start from metro station in Puente Alto, taking a taxi colectivo (taxi shared) or public bus to El Canelo, to be picked up by us.

0.32 Viña Caleu
R.M. - Region Metropolitana

0.32  Viña Caleu.  Alvaro Gonzalez     2014   

Caleu, Til Til, Region Metropolitana

3  ha. (6 acres)

crop:  vineyard. Horses & Education

e-mail:                    mobile and Whattsap: 

another language spoken: English

kids: yes

This is a  project  of  3  ha. of a new boutique vineyard  with Malbec, Sauvignon Blanc and  Pais strains in the beautiful Valley of Caleu, one hour drive to the North West of Santiago. I offer  stay for up to 4 volunteers - mainly students and well educated adults, looking after  Nature and willing to share their knowledge with kindergarten and  basic education local students.   A plus is a fondness for sports such as running, trekking, horseback riding, mountaineering, chess... and wine tasting, of course.  Good sense of humor and "hands on" is a must. Only requirement: NO drugs and  NO smoking. From 2017 we added a group 4 fillies of the Chilean Breed horses to start  rational horse taming and training.  The principle is not only to be kind to each other us humans but also to animals and particularly the horses. We face a Natural Sanctuary of an ancient white oak tree forest and the Aconcagua Mountain, in the Andes. The principle is not only to be kind to each other us humans but also to animals and particularly the horses. We face a Natural Sanctuary of an ancient white oak tree forest and the Aconcagua Mountain, in the Andes. There is accommodation in a farmhouse - in restoration - in two  rooms with cabins, shared bathroom and kitchen with gas stove. Foods will be delivered to prepare your own meals. 

0.38 Naturavis b
R.M. - Region Metropolitana

0.38 Naturavis.   Elihud  and Elvira. Aguila Sur, Paine. Region Metropolitana

0,65 ha.      Organic no certified

crops: hens

e-mail :                mobile:

all year                  kids: no

another language we speak: English

Our home is a spacious home built with adobe and wood, surrounded by native forest and many gardens. We have space at home to accommodate no more than two people at a time but we also have plenty of space for camping. We are a couple, we have dogs, mares, cat and a lot of hens!!!. We would like to be visited by people who like learning in the process and deal with hens in style Free Range Organic, handling and processing of chicken feed mix, egg collection and marketing . We are now wanting to start building a place to produce sprouted grains.We like to have plenty of space to read and research on poultry and other topics. To get here, take Santiago subway train in Central Station or you can also take a bus to come to the village called Hospital. If you call or communicate with us to warn you that comes, we can pick up you to the Hospital Train Station or the bus stop. We are concerned that younger people know the project.

0.40 Parcela Santa Blanca
R.M. - Region Metropolitana

0.40 Parcela Santa Blanca. Patricio R. Carmen Bajo, Melipilla, Region Metropolitana
0,65 ha. Organic no certified
crops: vegetables and fruit trees
e-mail: phone: mobile:
all year kids: no
another language we speak: English

Family home with an area dedicated to season crops. I am agronomist and live with my family and dogs. Help expected in pasture and permaculture jobs as compost, worms, others. To arrive, from Melipilla football stadium located inside bus terminal, go to Chocalán. When arrived to media luna (ride place) of Chocalán, take a public bus or car to La Viluma and Carmen Bajo.

0.42 Cascasa de b.
R.M. - Region Metropolitana

0.42 Cascada de las Animas. Suasic B.  Camino al Volcan, San Alfonso, Cajón del Maipo, Region Metropolitana
3600 ha.                    Organic no certified
crops: vegetables garden - Tourism
e-mail:            phone:                mobile:              www.
all year                 kids: no
another language we speak: English

We are the older and known touristic center of Cajón del Maipo valley. We have an important sustainable project, with a organic vegetables garden. We are related with Asociación Latinoamericaca de Agricultura Orgánica. Lodging is in a single room, and work in the garden, doing fertilizers, fermenteds, microorganism, worms, compost, harvests… To arrive is easy, from metro line 4 (subway), from station Mercedes to take a public bus or colectivo (taxi shared) to Cajón del Maipo.

0.45 Colectivo Sustento
R.M. - Region Metropolitana

0.45 Colectivo Sustento. Penélope Glass

San Miguel, Santiago, Region Metropolitana

Organic non certified  

crops: vegetables, herbs, fruits and others. Seed savers. Permaculture

0,1 ha.

e-mail: .......     phone: .....   mobile: .....   www. .....

months:   February to December

kids: no

other languages we speak: English and French

We are a multidisciplinary collective, we work with gardening and the theatre (particulary in prisons). We are 8 adult, mostly women. We have an organic community garden at our house in the middle of the city, in our front and back yards, and also on the footpath!. We have one room for volunteers (with two beds), we would share cooking and cleaning duties. Help in the garden is expected, Jobs vary according to the season. We  are looking for people with knowledge of Permaculture to support our development in that área. We work in collaboration with other community garden networks, and inclusive community gardens. We are 3 blocks from the Lo Vial metro station (subway line 2).


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