Region 5 de Valparaiso

Region 5 de Valparaiso

5.3 Vivero San Jorge. Paihuén, Cabildo, Region 5

40 ha.

Organic certified

crops: avocados nursery, blueberries, ecotourism, vegetables

mobiles:       e-mail:       web:

months: all year              kids: no

Farm is into the beautiful and  amazing  Alicahue  valley,  near the Andes mountains,  it has a river with  and a lot of ways to walk, like the Inca way.  Help is needed to pick  blueberries, weeds,   building  rooms and others improvements  to ecotourism houses. Lodging is in tend, there is a  bathroom and  showers. Meals   are  provided  joining at  the farm  workers.   Public transportation from Cabildo city downtown, by €œLas Porteñas€   bus or   €œLos Conquistadores€ cars.   It is hoped  that wwoofers  remain  two months or more in farm.

Region 5 de Valparaiso

5.4 Aldo V.   Nonna Rosa F 10-G  road  (Tiltil - Limache), Region 5

30 ha.

Organic  non  certified

Milk, cheese and meal goat production. Compost,  birds and orchard

mobile:       e-mail:

all year                            kids:  no

another language we speak :  Italian.

The farm  it is located  near  the Quebrada de Alvarado coming  from Santiago,  before arriving to Olmué.  And from Valparaiso after Limache.  The local public transportation stops at.   From Santiago, the Pullman bus company,   taken  it  to Limache city, there you  have to take a taxi colectivo or local bus  to the farm.   There is a  rustic house to stay  in,   and an area to camp with open kitchen.  Jobs involve  mechanical  milk extraction,  cleaning the wastes, sanitary and nutritional jobs with  goats and other farm animals. Farm also has an  orchard and  general farm.  I prefer to  take contact by phone, but internet is OK too.  In Olmué city   there is  public  internet  availables.

Region 5 de Valparaiso

5.6  Agrícola Inca Gold  Ltda. Olmué,  Region 5 Valparaiso

2 ha. 2 and  1.000 (two farms)

Organic in transition

crops: Cuke-asaurus, melomate,  avocados, many others crops.

phone:             mobile        fax:    e-mail:     web:

another languajes e speak  English, French, Portuguese

all year                             kids: no

There  are two  farms, one  with organic avocados in Olmué city, and  another  1000  has.  farm in  Colliguay, it has  a lot  of  herbs, organic land  and  many other  crops, those ones  were in extinction process.  Lodging  is at a hostel  in Olmue city with many bedrooms and bathrooms, it has capacity for eight people. Usually all people eat lunch togheter, normal chilean meals  with a lot  of vegetables and chilean  fruits are eaten.  We are American citizens but the people who will receive wwoofers will be  chilean people. We love  Nature. On the farm  there are  many pets, there is also an  animal protection center. We only want to   receive wwoofers  who wish to have a strong communion with other people they have to love  animals and be available to help whenever is necessary. Arriving to   Olmué city  is possible ty taking  a bus from  Santiago (Estación Central Bus Station)  or from Viña del Mar. We need you to stay one month at least.

Region 5 de Valparaiso

5.8 Control B.  Quillota, Region 5 Valparaiso

Biologic controlers produccion  company

phones:    mobile:    e-mail:  web:

all year                              kids: 1

another lenguajes we speak: English, French, Portuguese

This is is the a company   that provides assistance  to organic growers for pest control.   There are biologists, agronomists and technicians, all  them  work on benefic  insect production and research.  Quillota is a beautiful city located in the Aconcagua valley, close to  Valparaíso and some beaches. Lodging is in 3 people  family´s house, open kitchen and mediterranean meals. We are  usually far of phone contacts, then may be non easy call us by phones.

Region 5 de Valparaiso

5.18 Ecoescuela Vivencial. Catalina D. San Isidro, Quillota, Region  5 Valparaiso

½  ha

100% organic,  biodinamic ,  no certified.

crops: orchard

e-mail :       mobiles:      fax: 

all year                          kids:  no

anothe languages se speak:  English, French

We are a school of  learning for the self-sustainability that contemplates a school that boasts an area of  2500 m2,   having a house built with green building where currently sleeping volunteers.  We are a couple of  permaculture and  have  a network of  local volunteers who support   themselves. We have orchards  and samples of  practica l methods of farming on a small scale. Forest food and technologies such as dry bath, ovens and solar dryers. Accommodation up to three people in a common part with kitchen, bathroom, garden, etc. Required work in  bio, appropriate technologies, feeding animals, vegetable crops and nursery trees. In addition to working as a volunteer you will have the opportunity to participate in an educational program of learning in action.  To arrive,  in Quillota,  you  must  taking  a collective taxi. 

Region 5 de Valparaiso

5.20   Carmen Rodriguez  Reñaca, Viña del Mar,  Region 5  Valparaiso

Organic  non certified

4 ha.

crops:  orchard

e-mail :      mobile :

all year                              kids: no

another languages we speak: English and French

We are a small family with dogs.  Our farm  has 4 has with fruit trees, gardens and  native forest,  house and storage.  We have two cabins to receive voluntaires. We hope help in  orchard,  trees management,    routes   and  other ones

Region 5 de Valparaiso

5.23  Campesano Quebrada   Escobares, Villa Alemana, Region 5 Valparaiso

Organic non certified

30 ha.

crops: orchards, horses ans farm animals. Tourism

e-mail :       mobile:

all year                                     kids:  no

another language we speak:  English, German

We are a farm  healthy life dedicated.  We are a german family living in Chile from 2011.   We have  a lot of  horses to  ride bussines and horses´lodging.  Also there are  cows, gooses, ducks, hens, dogs and eagles. A fruit orchard.  Cabins with glass roof to  enjoy  the clear stars, toys to children and barbacoe to week end tourists.  We rent cabins and place to camping.   We work always  happy by our lucky to be here. We hope volunteers to work with horses, better with some skill to ride. Also,   help in  horchard and other animals   are  neccesary,  no experience is needed in it: harvest,  milking, eggs, sowing and farm. jobs. Lodging is a cabin. We hope you!

Region 5 de Valparaiso

5.26 Caburga   Los Pinos, Reñaca, Región 5 Valparaiso Organic  non  certified 1 ha. e-mail:                    mobiles : all year                  kids :  yes We are a family with two daughters, we have a house and an organic garden very close to the resort of Reñaca and the beach. We have about 60 organic fruit trees (not certified) that we deal with biodynamic products manufactured by ourselves, we have a small garden and an educational project walking. We need help to take care of the trees, the garden and to build, paint or repair with mud in the educational project. We offer lodging camping among the native trees, hot water shower, wifi and healthy and vegetarian food. In free time you can go to the beach, go for a walk to Valparaiso, or trek on a nearby hill. To get there, you may take a local bus.
Region 5 de Valparaiso

5.45 Rancho Pool. Valle Pitama,Casablanca, V Region Valparaiso

0,5 ha.

Organic non certified

crops:  raspberries, strawberries, apples, pears, lemon, oranges, plums, almonds, vegetables.

e-mail:                         mobile

months: September to February                    kids: no

another language we speak: English

Rancho Pool is situated just outside the town boundary of Casablanca. The property is a little bit over an acre and we are surrounded by native trees.   The room available to our guest (s) is one bedroom on the 2d floor, with two beds. There is also a full bathroom with hot water. We have WI-FI available thus you can connect to Internet anytime using your own device. Our daily meals are diverse. We are a married couple who love the Nature, animals and tennis. We are not farmers, but we are learning on organic properties every day. We have dogs living with us. One of us speaks basic English, but we both are willing to improve and learn the language because one of our three daughters lives in the USA.   Generally the job will be pruning trees, de-weeding, harvesting, cleaning and gardening in general. We do have our own method to build a compost pile.   To to get to Valparaíso from Santiago's airport, you will catch a bus heading to Pajaritos outside of the airport terminal. This will drop you off at the North side of Pajaritos" a bus/metro station on the outskirts of Santiago, cross to the South side of the Metro station to get to the Bus Platform. From here, take the bus to Valparaiso Route 68 West. On arrival or before arrival  call to the cell number provided to pick you up.  If you are in Valparaiso, the main bus terminal is at Av. Pedro Montt 283. Take the bus to Santiago Route 68 East and follows the same steps above. We prefer English speakers. We usually prefer male voluntaries willing to stay 1 or 2 weeks the most."""

5.49 Casa de Barro a
Region 5 de Valparaiso

5.49 Casa de Barro “Atrapa Sueños”. Aníbal González, Limache.

1 ha.

crops: garden, honey bees, hens

e-mail:                 mobile:

all year

kids: yes

another languages we speak: English, Italian

Casa de Barro  wants to move on the health life, care of environment and get value at ecofoods, making courses, seminaires and another ones, mainly with schools. We have 4 rooms full equipment made with recycled things, toys, children garden, honey bees, learning farm. Also we want to going ahead rural tourism.

5.51 Nace Una Semilla b
Region 5 de Valparaiso

5.51 Nace una Semilla.

Los Almendros, Reñaca, Region 5 Valparaiso

0,1 ha.

Organic by intention 

crop: family vegetable garden

e-mail: .....  mobile: ..... 

months: October to January

kids?: no

another languages we spaek: English, French, Portuguese

We have our home in a semi-urban ecological community, with earth and timber constructions, gardens and a natural environment. We are a family of 4 people and we are dedicated to music and   training. We are always built with mud and there's always entertaining to do work. Lodging in tent only   because we have no more room, but in a very nice camping space under the trees. The kitchen, bathroom and living room are in our house and are freely available for volunteers. The ecological environment of the village where we live is very nice, there are many neighbors and cool feeling. We are vegetarian, sometimes eat fish. Aid is expected according to current needs, such as organic garden, bioconstruction, put mud on walls, paintings, etc .... is very entertaining and can easily learn. Work six hours at day, Monday to Saturday. To get there, from Valparaiso and Vina del Mar you must take the micro (public city bus). After, walk one kilometre by the dirt road and you reach the community.  Reñaca beach is about 15 minutes from us  by micro.

5.38 Agric. Raymapu (4)
Region 5 de Valparaiso

5.38 Agricola Raimapu. Martin Diaz.  

La Ligua, Region 5 de Valparaiso

0,5 ha.

Organic by culture

crops: vegetables. Ecotourism.

e-mail:           mobile:                          all year

I  was a  fruit and flowers grower but the dry  got me to left it, and just now I am going  ahead  to Ecotourism.   I am building  eco cabins   and I want to return to agricultura in one acre farm with organic vegetables. I am in a no irrigation farmers coop.  My compromise in with Organic  and environment. I am finishing agronomy studies (2014) and to us the agricultura is a way of live more than business. I want to receive voluntaries  to share your ideas of my  way, in support webs,  promotion and production.  Lodging is in our  family house. To arrive, to take a public bus to La Ligua (north of  Santiago) and the farm is 5 km from bus terminal.

Region 5 de Valparaiso

5.25 Jardín Botánico “Paraíso Escalante”.   2012 

Quillota, Región 5 de Valparaiso

10 ha.

Organic no certified

crops: biodiversity, more than 1500 varieties, honey bees, fruit trees. Tourism.

email:    mobile:

all year less July and August

kids?: no

Another languages we speak: English, Portuguese

We are a family working together with Nature, peace, love and biodiversity. We traveled by the world, learning about different cultures and ecosystems. We are a  apiculture teacher, agronomist, an alfarera, pianist, botanicoista, singer and creator of spaces, a globetrotter, musician, earthbags and therapist, and a singer artist, designer of gardens, pottery, writer and poet. There are 4 houses in the place and one more under construction  (2015). There are beautiful places for camping and we have a habitable hexagon with kitchen and fire to wwoofers. We expect help in the garden, buildings, nature swimming pools and plants, and   some meetings also. We work from the heart and we provide a breakfast and a lunch or meal (so 2 meals per day), should be supplemented with what you want extra.


5.57 Panal
Region 5 de Valparaiso

5.57 Panal. Gazi G.  Rungue, Maitencillo. Region 5 Valparaiso // 16 ha. Organic by intention. crops:   vegetables, native trees. Yoga center. e-mail:    mobile,wsp:  months: March to December kids: no another languages we speak: English, Italian We are a yoga center interested in teaching about the care of nature. Accommodation in a comfortable room with private bathroom. Our meals are vegetarian. Expected support in the garden and light construction. We are close to beaches and some native forests. To get there, take a public bus in Santiago to Maitencillo.
5.55 Las Tres Marias b
Region 5 de Valparaiso

5.55   Las Tres Marías.   Mary Elizabeth and Diego Santa Cruz   2017        Colliguay, Quilpue, Region 5 de Valparaiso // 1 ha. Organic by culture e-mails:      mobiles/wsp:   (preferred, use these) crops: orchard, walnut and fruit trees, vegetables, medicinal herbs. kids: yes another languages we speak: French and English. We are a couple for at least forty years; a mixture between Chilean, American and Irish with an adult son. We have lived in Colliguay for 30 years, a small valley located to the west of the Coast Mountains. We are dedicated to 80 walnut trees, 40 different fruit trees, a small tuna crop, two small wild vineyards and medicinal herbs such as lavender, thyme, cedrón, sage, rosemary; nursery of native trees and plants, an incipient family garden, crafts, irrigation system, clearing and cleaning of trails, care of closures. Personally we are interested in the work of human development, community work and the conservation of natural resources. We are active participants of a community of peasant mountain families who are engaged in an incipient agriculture and a workshop of women spinners and loom weavers. Volunteers will be welcomed in our home, a modest adobe house, sharing all spaces. This makes them also participants in the tasks of our daily life. We got up early and picked up early, chords in daylight. The diet is mainly vegetarian, we drink water from slope and make our own bread. For the guests we have the basic amenities, an interesting library, a diverse natural environment and access to the different families and activities of the local community. We expect respect, reciprocity in trust, open mind and heart. No drugs are allowed and smoking is discouraged. The valley is isolated. There is a local bus that goes down to Villa Alemana-Quilpué (an hour and a half journey) in the morning every day from Monday to Saturday, making the way back in the afternoons. Week by the bus arrives until Valparaiso. On Sundays there is no public transport.
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