Region 4 Coquimbo

4.12 El Hinojal d
Region 4 Coquimbo

4.12 Casa de campo El Hinojal. Valle de Elqui, Region 4 de Coquimbo

0,64 ha.

Organic non certified

e-mail :          mobile :

crops: orchard with  a lot of  fruit trees:  guavas, citrus, nuts, grapes,  more ones  and honeybees.

all year                kids: no

We have a big country house with organic orchards for family consumption only. The whole property is surrounded by mountains. We are in the Elqui Valley   near  40 kilometers from Vicuña in the Elqui Valley. We have to playful Boxers that love company. We have available a room in the house and a good place to camp if you prefer. Meals served with family when we are at home and we are open to different diets like vegetarian. Home baked bread and simple but nutritious meals are guaranteed. We are a family our daughter is a musician, our son lives in Germany studying for his Ph.D.  We work in La Serena from Monday to Friday, you need to call at your arrival at the Bus Terminal to agree on the time to pick you up. We are not farmers, but we are learning every day trying to follow the traditions of our land experience in wwofing is desired and if you have any organic knowledge it will be well received. The job needs will be upon the season but most will be deweeding, harvesting, planting seeds, gardening in general, collecting honey and reproducing the beehives. We prefer that voluntaires remain between 2 or 3 weeks. We do not accept smoking or drinking of any kind. We have internet access when we are here. We do not speak English now but we are willing to learn because both our children will be leaving abroad very soon. To arrive, take a public transportation in La Serena.

Region 4 Coquimbo

4.15 Los Mates. Ruddy V.   Combarbalá, Region 4 Coquimbo

4 ha.

Organic by culture

crops: greenhouses, fruit trees, calendula

e-mail :         mobile:

all year                       kids : yes

We live in middle of hills in Limarí valley, in non irrigated land near Andes mountain. We are partners of agricultural community with 25.000 hectareas. We are a family of 5, 2 adults and 3 children (2014), and dogs. Our farm produce to ours by principal activitie. We have a greenhouse  and a lot of fruit trees varieties in one acre. We have fotovoltaic system energy to light and water extraction. Irrigation by drip and also we produce organic caléndula oil and solar ovens. We are located near Combarbalá. By now (2014) there are not cabins, but we are building one, then the lodging would be in tent. Couple wwoofers prefered. Help required by season, pick weeds, sowing, harvesting, motocultivator, in kitchen, cleaning around, construction. 

Region 4 Coquimbo

4.3 Marisabel Pacheco. La Serena city, Region 4 Coquimbo

House, no farm by now

organic by culture              

production: medicinal herbs, esential oils. Learning                                  

e-mail:       mobile:

all year        kids: yes

We are a family of 3. We were growers and just now live in La Serena city.   I learn Organic in a University in  La Serena. We are looking by a new farm to buy, but anyway we want to receive one or two voluntaries, they can help with house jobs in my small shop or in the Arboretum of the University, and in our shop to learning and arts. Here, wwoofer can to know the beauty city of La Serena, the beaches, Elqui valley, and more.   And in the future, with a new farm, it will be a lot of work.   We are vegetarians , but we are tolerant.

Valle de Elqui, Re3gion 4.
Region 4 Coquimbo

4.5 Eduardo Gomez . Paihuano, Región 4 Coquimbo

1 ha

Organic no certified

crops: fruit trees, vegetables

e-mail:          mobile:

months: March to November                       kids: no

another language we speak: English

1 ha. farm with mountain river, located  in a  village inside a wanderfull, narrow and mystic valley. There are one house and one cabin, we can to receive untill 2 people. We are a small family   more cats and dog. We hope help in garden.   In free time it is posible to swim in river, or walking by beautifull scenaries with very near mountains. To arrive, to take public bus in La Serena untill Pisco Elqui, and we´ll pick up you. We look internet only one time at week when we go to town.

4.22 Camping Diaguitas a
Region 4 Coquimbo

4.22 Camping Diaguitas

Diaguitas, Valle de Elqui. Region 4 Coquimbo

2 ha.     Organic by intention

crops:   crops in Project (2016). Ecotourism.

email:                        mobile:

months: December to Mach; July; September..

kids: yes            another language we speak: English

 We are a young couple with a daughter. We do not have pets. The property has of two parts, one at the level of the river, where is located the camping, and another just above where the house and some trees, which is designed to place the organic garden projected. The accommodation is available in tents near the river, it has restrooms, electricity, shower, etc. The wwoofers can feed themselves, wash clothes and spend time at home with family. Help expected in manual labor, which can be manufactured carpentry or at camping, like cutting branches or taking out the trash. The campsite is near the village of Diaguitas, 20 minutes walking. To arrive, the bus coming from La Serena leaves you and there can call us or send us a WhatsApp for you to go for. We can send a map as well. Near the site there are hills for trekking very nice, also the astronomical observatory Mamalluca that you can visit. We are very happy to meet people from other cultures and to share and exchange knowledgments.

4.23 Viña Alpa
Region 4 Coquimbo

4.23 Vineyards  A.   Arnaud Faupin   
Salamanca. Region 4 Coquimbo
Organic no certified             2 ha.
all year

kids: yes
other languages ​​we speak: English, French

Small vineyard of 2 hectares under organic management located in the foothills of Andes mountain, with a small winery for the production of natural wine, a house of brick environment and ecological building construction pallets made with. Even the electricity comes from a generator. Capacity for 2 or 3 wwoofers in common room, and in the future there will be two parts for more volunteers. I get the volunteers, in addition there are 2 workers with dog and cats. We have a system of exchange of help with some neighbors who are creating a tourist route that includes a visit of our vineyard and pre Inca place with petroglyphs. Help expected in making green building of pallets and tires; design and implementation of renewable electricity (wind and solar) homemade, where a volunteer is required knowledgement in this technology; develop an orchard, planting native trees and flowers; March is time to harvest grapes and make wine until May. To get there, they can travel with me from Santiago or take a bus to Salamanca where I pick up you.

4.26 Fruverval aa
Region 4 Coquimbo

4.26 Fruvervall. Nancy C.   

Salamanca, Region 4  de Coquimbo

1 ha.
Organic by culture
crops: Garden, greenhouses, processes Infusions of fruit and other products. Tourism. Store.
mobiles (3):                           all year                     kids: yes

  We have an ancient and ample country house,  near from the city of Salamanca and along roadways. We have agro tourism and sale of our products, showing our greenhouses, culinary plants, vegetables outdoors and native plants. We make our inputs for crops. There is a fruit tea factory, solar dryers and other products. To get there, from Los Vilos a bus is taken to Illapel or Salamanca, then the Valle Alto road. We are at few  kilometers of Salamanca.


4.28 Mincha c
Region 4 Coquimbo

4.28 Mincha. 

Canela, region 4  Coquimbo.

2 ha.

crops:  Quinoa,  vegetables, orchard.   Preserved and jam.

e-mail: mobile:

all year less February

kids: no

I am an organic farmer and agronomist, came to live in the farm  of my grandparents (Q.E.P.D.) in the small town. Practice organic farming, planting my own seeds and multiplying others I've collected.  I  make inputs as  bio-fertilizers and biological preparations for plant health and soil. My goal is to make a  demonstration center of organic farming reference in the province.  I get help from volunteer friends visiting me. Volunteers receive them at home, where there are 2 pieces available for volunteers with 3 beds and bathroom. It is expected  support in  farm  jobs,  as transplant, watering, weeding, harvesting, preparation of fertilizers and bio-fertilizers, mainly. It is a small town with many attractions located in the Choapa river valley, you can go hiking, fishing, horseback riding, visit a seventeenth century church. At 20 km. are the beaches.

4.29 IndomitoElqui f
Region 4 Coquimbo

4.29 Indómito Elqui.  

Camino Alcohuaz. Valle de Elqui, Región 4 Coquimbo

1 ha.

Organic by culture             

Garden and tourism

e-mail:  mobile: 

all year

kids: no

 We are a touristic center  in Elqui valley.  We have 4 cabins to guests, natural swiming pool and gardens including  native vegetation.  We are at  end of Elqui valley, in middle of mountain   and at  km. from Pisco Elqui town. Near us there are astronomic observatories, pisco factories, hartishokes, typical towns.  The volunteers will lodge in my house in a nice room with private bathroom.  Kitchen, living room and dinner room shared.  I am always  worried about order and cleaning.   Help expected in cabins cleaning (only when the cabin is leaved), gardens (irrigation, compost,  pruning, etc.), carry the breakfast  to border of river. Ideal a  volunteer with skill to painting  walls.

Region 4 Coquimbo

4.30 Osas. Cristian Araya   2017    La Florida, La Serena. Region 4 Coquimbo // 0,5 ha. Organic by intention. crops: garden. Pizzeria.   email:      mobile/wsp:  all year.     kids: no other languages ​​we speak: English. I'm starting a pizzeria in my house (2017) with organic products, planting tomatoes and I want the pizzeria to be self-sustaining. There are 2 rooms available for volunteers. I hope help in the cultivation of the garden, maintenance of the backyard, care dogs, cooking. There is local collective locomotion. Nearby there are places to climb or climb the hill, the La Serena beach is nearby. I am a surfer, I always go to beaches to look for the wave, sometimes we organize surftrip to nearby beaches.
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