Region 3 Atacama

Region 3 Atacama

3.3 El Chañar

El Totoral, Region 3 Atacama

2 ha.        Organic no certified

crops: fruits and olive trees, vegetables. Tourism.

e-mail:          phone:              mobile:

all year                      kids: no

another language we speak: English

Small family farm located in Totoral, a old town placed on one of the valleys of the desert, as a miracle of  Nature doing a place good for rest and desconexion, 100 km. south of Copiapó. We do activities of agrotourism and sustainability, as well as fruit trees and farm animals.  We are a farm family, with our traditions and a lot of hospitality, composed by grandmother and sons. To lodging, we have two rooms and a cabin. We   hope help in cleaning and other orchard Jobs, recycling and artichokes. To arrive at Totoral there is public transportation.

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