Estancia Primavera

12.4 Estancia Primavera b

12.4 Estancia Primavera. Francisco C.   Ruta 9. Region 12 Magallanes y Antártica Chilena
6334 ha.
Organic no certified.
crops: cattle, sheeps, restoration, lenga forest.
e-mail:.....     mobile: .....   months: October to April.
kids: yes.
another laguage we speak: English.

It is a beautiful degraded farm which we want to restore, dress with nice infraestructure for people and animals, good fencing to allow holistic management or Pastoreo Racional Voisin. We need to clean hundreds hectares from dead wood and start to rest fields to recover the natural prairie. We will work with compost tea and microorganism too.
It is a nice opportunity to learn natural sounding management in the far south of the planet. Only camp ground, we can provide bathroom and food within the house. Patagonian people who speak only Spanish. I travel one week every month, I speak English.   I love to do agroecology and restoration, have a lot of knowhow to share. Help expected in animal husbandry, restoration (remove dead wood from the prairies), fix fences, remove old fences. To arrive, take the bus from Punta Arenas toward Puerto Natales.  We need people who loves nature to help to build an example of good ecological management for the area in a beautiful environment. It is very easy to reach Puerto Natales on the weekends and go to Torres del Paine National Park before or after the volunteering.

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