Ayun Mapu

9.45 Ayun Mapu

9.45 Ayun Mapu. Judyth R. Pucón, Region 9 de La Araucanía

Organic not certified

3 ha.

crops: greenhouses, an orchard, sheep, chickens.

e-mail: .....          phone in USA:    

months: August to February

kids: no

aonther language we speak: English, Spanish, French.

We are homeopathic/naturopathic doctors who live half time in Pucón, and the rest in the U.S. We are at 3 miles from downtown Pucón (7 minutes by car and 30-40 minutes by foot) with sweeping views of Villarrica lake and volcano. We have our own home, our caretakers’ house, and two rental cabins on our property.  We enjoy a large, organic veggie garden, two greenhouses, and an orchard, about some sheeps, chickens, cats and dogs. Wwoofer will be working closely with Nelson, our good-natured caretaker. You will stay in a beautiful, brand-new 300-square-foot cabin in the woods with one private bedroom (2 twin beds), bath, and kitchen/dining area and a view of the lake. You are responsible for keeping the cabin clean. Either a couple or two same-gender volunteers. There will be plenty to keep you busy with projects in the vegetable garden, fruit trees, landscaping, farm animals, firewood, and more.   Experience in organic gardening prefered. Pucon is a very popular wwoofer destination and we need dedicated volunteers—mature, willing wwoofers, not loafers! This is a great way to work 30-35 hours a week in a peaceful environment in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Love of animals, a natural lifestyle, and an interest in yoga/spiritual practice are a plus. Staying 2-4-weeks, possibly longer. No drugs. We go into Pucón daily. You can go into town for WIFI or you can invest in a modem for your computer and buy minutes.

Located in: Region 9 Araucania


#1 guf20 18-04-2016 11:41
If you have a chance to work at this Wwoofer spot-- take it! I had such an amazing time working at Ayun Mapu and working closely with the beautiful land here. I have been at Ayun Mapu for three weeks, and I wish I could stay three weeks longer! Kate Spencer. More comments in Testimonials link

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