Colectivo Sustento

0.45 Colectivo Sustento

0.45 Colectivo Sustento. Penélope Glass

San Miguel, Santiago, Region Metropolitana

Organic non certified  

crops: vegetables, herbs, fruits and others. Seed savers. Permaculture

0,1 ha.

e-mail: .......     phone: .....   mobile: .....   www. .....

months:   February to December

kids: no

other languages we speak: English and French

We are a multidisciplinary collective, we work with gardening and the theatre (particulary in prisons). We are 8 adult, mostly women. We have an organic community garden at our house in the middle of the city, in our front and back yards, and also on the footpath!. We have one room for volunteers (with two beds), we would share cooking and cleaning duties. Help in the garden is expected, Jobs vary according to the season. We  are looking for people with knowledge of Permaculture to support our development in that área. We work in collaboration with other community garden networks, and inclusive community gardens. We are 3 blocks from the Lo Vial metro station (subway line 2).


#1 guf20 12-04-2017 16:26
Muy Bueno colectivo con differentes actividades muy interresantes y valorisantes. Gente de muy buena onda. Un poco a fuera del centro, tranquilo, con el metro cerca. Alli pasamos semanas perfectas con Pénélope y Carolina. Aprendimos mucho sobre El tema de la huerta organica y plantas medicinales.
Gracias a ellas.!! Un grande abrazo

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