La Barcaza

6.24 La Barcaza b

6.24 La Barcaza. Camila T.
Cahuil s/n, Region 6 Del Libertador
0,3 ha.
Organic by intention
crops: garden, trees
e-mail :...... mobile:......
all year
kids?: yes
another languages we speak: English, Portuguese

Art Creation place, living in armony with Nature. We are 4 adults: me, Camila (artist), Daniel (arquitect), Ismael (arquitect) and Cristian (antropologist). The property has 0.32 hectares at Cahuil town. There are two old houses well preservated and half of the property is on a hill with a lot of types of trees and wild vegetation. There is a nice microclimate apropiate to have singular types of crops. To lodge, we have 3 rooms with a shared bathroom and a shared kitchen. We hope wwoofers to come in to share their skills in garden and irrigation. Cahuil is a coastal town famous for having salt production, located at 12 kilometres from Pichilemu, 3 hours from Santiago. To arrive, from Santiago to take bus at Universidad de Santiago bus terminal (metro same name) in lines "Pullman del Sur” or "Nilahue", to Pichilemu. Our phylosophy is travelling, art, nature and sports.

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