7.15 Tregualemu a

7.15 Tregualemu. Max Mills Camino Curanipe a Tregualemu, Pelluhue, Región 7 del Maule. Organic by intention (2) Two hectares. crops: strawberries mobile: e-mail: www. all year around kids: no. another languages: English and Portuguese.  A house in a small garden farm  in front of the sea. And two hectares of strawberry is another  farm of a friend  200 meters away, in transition to organic. We are open to receive up to three volunteers at the same time in our beach house. Wi-Fi and  Internet available. Cooking time is open and without restrictions, but you are invited to share the family all dalily meals. Vegetarians and vegans welcome. Nearest town Curanipe is 7 kilometers away. 12 surf spots near by the strawberry farm. Wwoofers will be living with the strawberry farm manager and his dog, plus some occasional visits, e.g. relatives and friends, but Wwoofers will have a private room and bath. The jobs are basically hand- picking strawberries (sept. to april) between nine in the morning to one in the afternoon, depending on demand and weather. Consider the afternoon as free time for yourself to enjoy the beach/surfing or to share your organic knowledge with other non-organic local farmers. May to August preparing soil and strawberry plans. The strawberry farm owners are a local married couple in their mid 50’s, who need help to hand pick the strawberries. Also, it is possible to give organic lectures to non-organic farmers in the neighborhood . When you send me an e-mail, please, write in the “Subject“ box the words: “WWOOF in Chile-R7“. If you do not do this, your e-mail will be automatically deleted to protect my computer from Spam. Finally, since I am going to allow you to come inside my house, it is important for me to know the persons who are coming. Therefore, be kind in your application to include a recent photography (one picture for every Wwoofer coming). E-mails without photographs will not be replied. Thanks for understanding. To see pictures visit This is a prívate group.

Located in: Region 7 del Maule

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