Puerto Ballena

11.12 Chile, Patagonia. Jorge Becker host farm

11.12 Puerto Ballena, Isla Mulchey, Guaitecas, Region 11 de Aysen.             250 ha.    Organic no certified.        e-mail:.....    mobile: .....     all year.       kids: no.          another language we speak: English.        

Isolated island far of all civilization where is posible to find the quiet and live with nature pure and extreme. Our acrivities are associated to environment, like to fish, coast collect, agriculture, construction environment associated. We are a family of 3 people, and dogs. We can to receive till 3 voluntaires and we hope help in paths, greenhouses, cutting weeds, fisherie, storage building, see places, etc. We like to reach with different culture people. To arrive, to take in Wesnesday only, in Quellon city, the boat Alejandrina (Naviera Austral), that goes to Puerto Melinka. On the boat, say to boat captain that you landed in Mulchey. They are 7 hours of navigation untill Mulchey island.  

Located in: Region 11 Aysen

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