Cabalgatas Cochamo

10.44 Cabalgatas Cochamo

10.44 Cabalgatas Cochamó. Cochamó, Region 10 de Los Lagos. Tourism and orchard.   e-mail :......    mobiles:......  all year.       kids: no.     

We have a ride company with 10 horses. In the farm there are cows, hens, gooses, sheeps and organic vegetables, and a family hostel where the hosts receive meals with our farm products. Lodging is in our family house and we have availability to receive one person. We hope help in ride travels with tourists, travels may be from one untill 9 days, by Cochamo valley. In the farm help with animals and orchard. We need knowledgment of internet, ride and Spanish/English, to talk with tourists. More information are in my web pages showed. To arrive, from Puerton Mott to take a bus to Cochamó.

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