Cecilia Guineo

10.21 Parcela 23 (c)

10.21  Cecilia Guineo.  Ancud, Chiloé island, Region 10 de Los Lagos.  100 ha.  Organic certificated.       crops: giant garlics, native potatoes, vegetables and fruits, cows.       e-mails:..... mobile:.....    months: all year.        kids: no.

The farm is located  in  Ancud  zone and at  10 km. from Pacific Ocean, in Chiloé island. Scenary with meadows, creeks and native forest. Lodging till 2 peoples, living in chief house, in single rooms. Family of 3 peoples, and dog pet. Meals served all togheter in house. Family environment, we hope receive people good and respectfull. We recommend talking us by phone, because rarely we can read the e-mails.  

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