Campo Pedregoso

11.5 Campo Pedregoso

11.5 Campo Pedregoso. Valle Rio Claro, Coyhaique, Patagonia, Region 11 de Aysen.             75 ha.   Organic no certified.   crops: greenhouse,  fruit wines,  farm animals.     e-mail:..... mobiles:.....      all year.    kids: no.    another languages we speak: German, English.

Property is located  around Coyhaique, at the end of valle Rio Claro (Rio Claro valley), a nice huge valley, in near 25 has of graising area, and back of 40-50 ha. of natural forest. The whole property is surrounded in the front by a creek, and is bottom line of a big mountain (1500 m. high). Accomodations: guestroom in the main house, or for longer working-periods, own little cabin. Integration to family life, daily routines and meals. We are a family of nine persons: parents and children. We try to produce ourselfes as much as possible, like cheese, bread, marmalade, vine, ham, sausage etc. We are looking mainly for two positions. male: building and technical background with no fear of manual working, as well as outdoor work concerning band saw, motorsaw producing construction wood as well as fire wood, fence-building etc female/male: help with teaching the children, support household, take care of the kids. We are running a small farm including sheep, cattle, pigs, chicken, horses, dogs, as well as agricultural activities (greenhouse, etc.), we produce and sell firewood and construction wood. Our internet access is limited, only time to time, and our phone is not easy to be available, sms/mensaje is a good way to reach us if there is no signal  

Located in: Region 11 Aysen

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