Roberto Trincado


0.3 Roberto Trincado, Ruta 68 Santiago-Valparaiso, Curacaví, RM

Organic non comercial, non certified

250 ha.

crops: non irrigated praires, extensive cattle breeder, fruits.

mobile: e-mail:

all year kids: yes

A quiet farm located in the folklorical valley of Curacaví, 50 km. West Santiago and 60 km. East of Viña del Mar. His ecology is esclerofital forestry of Coast Mountains. The farm is near of mountains and pendents with wonderfull and clean scenaries, spring water and native fauna. Wwoofer will can help by himself-herselve upon objectives planning in common and near his own interest and skills. Transportation is good. Lodging is in independient house. A lot of social interaction is not assured. Welcome


#1 guf20 17-07-2016 20:37
Good afternoon,
My name is Israel lima Carneiro from Brasil, i am a member of wwoof n 160627.
i would like to have an experience with you.
I am environmental management, and i will arrive in santiago in 27 August 2016.
Please contact me .

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