Los Brujos

10.80 Los Brujos a

10.80R Los Brujos. Gustavo M.
Camino a Caman,  Valdivia, Region 14 de Los Ríos
5 ha.
Organic by culture
e-mail: .....  mobile:.....
months: November to May
kids: yes
other languages we speak: English, Portuguese, Japanese

Los Brujos is a renewing of forest Evergreen and southern countryside, surrounded by plantations and close to the city of Valdivia. Here we live in permanent family for already six years. We are a family of puppeteers with cat and dog. We are diverse in origin, tastes and abilities, but we share the desire to live with freedom, love, respect and great art. We try to have a life in harmony and sustainable. We are learning to manage our forest, natural building, natural beekeeping, bio-intensive agriculture and permapiculture, food preservation and preparation of alcohols, technologies to move, heat and clean water, preparation of soaps and cosmetics, and in between to enjoy and share. We have space in our house for 2 people and outside in the forest in carp. Bry bathroom and shower. He is expected to help with make reboques and construction with mud, orchard, forest management, preparation of preserves, alternative energy and construction of clay ovens. The food tends to be vegetarian, but we are not strict. We make our own bread. To get, from Valdivia take the route towards Paillaco.

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