Centro Agroecológico

10.73  Centro a

10.73´R Centro Agroecológico. Valentina V.  Punucapa s/n , Valdivia,  Región 14 de los Rios.

 1,5 ha.

Organic no certified

crops: forest nursery, orchards, some farm animals

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months: September to May

kids: yes

other languages we speak: English

 We inhabit a plot where we take care of a forest and a small farm, live simple and austere, mainly with what gives us the field, according to principles of Permaculture and self-sufficiency. We are part of a network of seeds that protect them and put in value the ancient cultures, organic farming and biodiversity. We create an agro-ecological and environmental education center, to learning and experimentation for the production of food. We take care of some animals but mainly plants and seeds, vegetables, flowers, medicinal, we reproduce in a nursery fruit trees and native with method of bio-intensive farming and ecological. We are delighted to welcome people with enthusiasm and willingness to work, learn, and help with daily tasks, exchanging experiences and knowledge. We are part of the wetland community, to regenerate the Cruces River wetland, and participate in community activities. In our environment, there is a huge diversity of birds (ideal for watching), and lush native forest (Valdivian jungle). During the free time hiking, bike rides, kayak, outputs to the beach (20 km), visits to Valdivia and much more can be arranged. Valdivia to Punucapa there is a public transportation (micro) twice a day (45 min.). We also offer auto transfer from and to Valdivia.

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