Comunidad Palguin

9.41 Comunidad Palguin  c

9.41 Comunidad Palguin Alto. Felipe N. Curarrehue, Palguin Alto. Region 9 de La Araucania

42 ha.

Organic by culture

crops: Heirloom seeds shared by mapuche people

e-mail : ......  mobile : .....months: September to April

kids?: yes

another language we speak: English

We are a group of friends that we are learning from the Nature of a simple and honest way, a group of young people in reunion with the land. The place is a native forest reserve surrounded by beautiful waterfalls water and native fauna. There is not internet. We have shared rooms and a large hall to increase the capacity to lodging. There will always be more than one person working here, and be attentive to receive guests. We are working in vegetable crops, creation of paths, forest care, eco-sustainable construction, gardens, holistic areas. It also helps neighboring native communities. To ge tus, from Pucón please contact us. And if by your own means, a bus in the direction of Curarrehue.

Located in: Region 9 Araucania


#1 Nailton Freitas 19-01-2018 19:32
I very much enjoyed my time there. My daughter and I stayed for five days. All the people were muy amigable. We worked about 5 hours each day. The farm is somewhat primitive, with very little electricity and only wood for cooking and heating. There is water from a spring. The farm is in the process of being developed more fully. I would recommend this farm for people who don’t mind living without electricity or cell phone/internet service.

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