Granja de Orrson

9.40 Granja de Orrson

9.40 Granja de Orrson. Fabián T.  Victoria, Region 9 de La Araucanía

6.5 ha.

Organic by intention

crops: farm animals, vegetables

e-mail : ........   mobile : ......

all year

kids?: yes

another languages we speak: English

Family farm with production of pigs, poultry, lambs, milk and vegetables. Accommodation in our house, 2 rooms available. On the farm will be the owner who lives in Victoria city but travels every day at the farm. In addition there is a farmworker and a family that lives in his own house and cherishes the field. Constantly we have support of a medical veterinarian friend. We are all parents and during the summer and spring the children go to the field to walk but don't live there. Pets welcome. We need volunteer support that can give us within their abilities, experience and knowledge. We are at  Victoria-Curacautín international route. We are rookies and hope to receive your support and knowledge to develop our self-sustaining farm project.

Located in: Region 9 Araucania

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