El Recuerdo


9.26 Termas El Recuerdo  d A.   Curarrehue, Pucon, Region 9 de La Araucania.      26 ha.   thermas, meadows, garden.         Organic by culture.      e-mail: no      mobile:.....  all year.      kids: may be.      

We are a simple Mapuche family house with garden and some animals small and bigger ones. It is a very quiet and very nice place with own thermas in a wanderfull scenary. We offer lodging in our small house, in a single room. We need help to develop our thermas project. Also may be help in garden. To arrive, from Pucon city, go ahead to Curarrehue by international route.  You must calling by phone in Spanish.  

Located in: Region 9 Araucania

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