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9.25 Budi Natural e

9.25 Budi Natural. Comuna Teodoro Schmidt, Region 9 de la Araucanía.     Organic certified.     50 ha.      crops: native potatoes, grains, legumes, topinambur, fruits, vegetables. Farm animals.  e-mail : ......mobile : ......    months: December, January, February.        kids: yes.           another languages: Mapudungun and some words in English.

The farm is located in mapuche territory, inside lake Budi and Pacific ocean. It has wide variety of native flora and fauna, in plains and gorges. Lodging is in our house, up to 4 people, but it is recommended to wear his tent and and warm sleeping bag to more confort. Our family are 5 people more dogs and cats. Meals with meat and vegetables, of our own production. We want help in harvest of farm and wild fruits, elaboration of jams and preserves, collect and processing medicinal herbs, to take care of crops and animals: hens, gooses, ducks, turkeys, sheeps and cows, fishering, honey harvest, compost and inputs. Also, there will be time to telling, walking, to visit the beach, get relax, etc. To arrive, from Temuco city to take a public bus to Carahue, and there to take a bus to Malalhue.

Located in: Region 9 Araucania


#1 Nailton Freitas 27-01-2016 12:46
Granja Organica Budi es la experiencia ideal de WWOOFing. Rapidamente senti como parte de la familia, sobre todo por las muchas oportunidades de compartir comida riquisima. Aprendi mucho de la gran diversidad de trabajos, asi que pude ver esta granja organica como el sistema integral que es. Esta ubicada en uno de los sitios mas bonitos en Chile, con miradas al mar y al lago y oportunidades para explorar y conocer la cultura Mapuche. Pienso lo máximo de este familia y el trabajo que hacen.

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