Tienda-Taller denosotros

10.58 Tienda Taller c

10.58 Tienda-Taller denosotros.   Curiñanco, Valdivia, Region 14 de los Rios.  

Organics by culture.      1 ha.        e-mail:......       mobile:.......... all year round.       kids: yes.        another language: English.

We are a workshop of art binding and serigrafy with a souvenir shop. Outside, gardening with compost. Our workshop is off Valdivia. We are a family of 4 members: Roberto, Sandra, Aleph and Amilcar. A German Shepherd dog, and cats. We have capacity for two people and a child in tent. The assistance required is in bookbinding with papers, cartons and glue. To get there, the best thing is contact us to agree and we went down to look for volunteers. We have informally received volunteers from Australia, United States, Venezuela, Spain, etc., and they return happy with a new skill in its assets.

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