Soc. Rayen K.

9.15 Edith Cumiquir b

9.15 Sociedad Rayen Kimey.    Curarrehue,  Region 9 de la Araucanìa.

3,5 ha.     Organic  no certified.    crops: vegetables and grains. Etnotourism.            e-mail:.....     phones:......      months:October to December.      kids: no.                          

We are a group of 8 womans that we live in indigenous community, and each one we work half a hectare, with vegetables and grains in ecological conditios. Lodging to one wwoofer into a family house. Meals supplied by family, with kitchen available if necessary. There are dogs and cats too. Before,  we have had experiences in to receive people from Europe.  

Located in: Region 9 Araucania

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