Kila Leufu

9.5 Irma Epulef a

9.5 Kila Leufu. Pucón, Region 9  Araucanía.

Organic no certified.     crops: Ecotourism and hostal;  orchard, cows and others farm animals.              mobile:......      e-mail :......  web :......     all year, specially in summer time.     kids: no.

Farm dedicated hardly to ecotourism, and secondarily to crops and animals, located from 30 minutes of Pucon city, managed by mapuche family. We receive tourists and also to grow orchards, milk, cheese, butter, weath and bread. Lodging is in a available room to one person into head house. Meals are with family, and there are vegetarian availability. Family environment. We prefer a english or german speaking ladie, with some Spanish skill, who can also help in spoken traslation to tourists and drive to town, principal help wanted.. Only one wwoofer single is required. We need each wwoofer stay one month or more.

Located in: Region 9 Araucania

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