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9.2 Chile, Araucania region. El Encino host farm

9.2 Fundo  de  caballos.  Region 9 de la Araucania  

1000 ha.      Organic: no.         horses, some crops, nut trees.

mobile:......         e-mails:...... all year     kids: no.            I am horse master with polo expertise. I have many dozens of horses and I need people who enjoy work with horses, specially womans who want to play polo and prepare new horses. We play polo all days and we need people who have skill in it to play together. Also there are crops with non tillage method, but I am looking for wwoofers that love horses. Lodging is in family house, 2 people max. We talk German and English. By familiar reasons the switzerland wwoofers are specially welcome.

Located in: Region 9 Araucania

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