Easter Island (Rapa Nui) and Robinson Crusoe Island

Easter Island (Rapa Nui) and Robinson Crusoe Island

E.I.1  Rapa-Nui Ancestral.  Dayan D. Te Pito O Te Henua s/n, Easter Island

Organic  non certified

5 ha.

crops: fruits and vegetables

e-mail :       mobiles: 

all year               kids: yes

another  language we speak: English

Our farm is located  in center of  Easter Island,  it has fruit trees, vegetables, eucaliptus  and  stone  walls,  at  300 meters of  coast. We are a family  of chilean and Rapa Nui  with 3 child.  We have a rustic cabin available to 6 people,  and a camping  place with bathroom  and  hot water.  To arrive with us, first  agree   with us at  least one week before  by the email,  to pick up you in airport.  We hope help  in ground cleaninig,  cutting grass  and branches,  harvesting, and another jobs  of farm.  In farm there is not phone signal.

Easter Island (Rapa Nui) and Robinson Crusoe Island

E.I.2  El Domo.  Daniela B. Te M. O.  s/n,  Easter Island

Organic  non certified

6  ha.

crops:  vegetables and  some fruits

e-mail:            mobile:  

all year           kids: yes

another languages we speak:  English, Portuguese

It is a farm dedicated to produce vegetables  like tomatoes, potatoes, onions, lettuces, camote, strawberries, carrots and another ones,  also some fruits.  The place is wanderfull with an incredible energy, located  in southern side  of  island.  We are a couple of agronomists with two  children(2015),  more cats, dogs, horses and  hens.  We offer place to camp, with bathroom and place to cooking, untill 5 volunteers.  We hope help in farm jobs  like picking weeds, sowings, harvestings, planting, nursery, irrigation, and others. Take contact with us by email and we  can   pick up you in airport

RC2 La Granja de Robinson Crusoe
Easter Island (Rapa Nui) and Robinson Crusoe Island

R.C.2 La Granja de Robinson Crusoe.  Isla Robinson Crusoe, Region 5 de Valparaiso

0,5 ha.

Organic non certified.

crops: Permaculture, fruit trees, vegetables, greenhouse, garden.

e-mail:                               mobile:

all year                            kids: no

another language we speak: English

 Small farm in Robinson Crusoe island, with family house and add room to guests. We are a family of 4 more dogs and cat. We have fruit trees, place to hens, 60 sq.m. greenhouse, ground to sowing and garden. Automatic irrigation. Lodging to one people in comfortable room with private bath.   Meals with family. Help hoped in fruit trees, greenhouse, garden, hens, cutting wood. The aim is to receive help to produce foods to family and selling in town, an English native speaker with skills in ecological production and Permaculture. We want to talk English language into family to improve it. The island offer a lot of things to know. To arrive, we help with tickets by air are availables from Santiago or by sea from Valparaiso (upon availability).

Rapa Nui mapa
Easter Island (Rapa Nui) and Robinson Crusoe Island

E.I.4  Camping Sustentable Ana Tekena. María Francisca Bustos   2014    

Anakena beach,  Easter Island.

1 ha

Organic no certified

crops: vegetables like  taro, camote, mandioca,  chard, onion, watermelon, corn, coriander, tomato, banana, others. Tourism.

e-mail:              mobile: 

months:  October to March

kids: yes

another languages: English, French

We are a couple with baby, and dogs, cats, horses and hens. We are located  very near of Anakena beach,  with a orchard with vegetables and a camping and horse riding.  We are available to receive wwoofers with one son, because to be near beach may be  dangerous to children. Lodging is a rustic cabin  to sleep, or camp if desired (we have it),  bathroom and kitchen out.  Help wanted in   the crops or camp, we can  get together as training. With horse skills, also can helping  with  them.  We pick up to wwoofer in  Hanga Roa  airport.



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